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Tile vs Terrazzo Restoration


I am quite often asked if we can remove tile and restore a terrazzo floor. Not only can we, but the results are amazing. The floor below was covered with ceramic and Mexican tile. We removed all of the tile and restored this mid-fifties terrazzo floor to a brilliant shine. No grout, no seams; just a beautiful, shiny, great looking terrazzo floor. I often coach people to remove their own tile, but that comes with some possible pit falls. This floor was ground with a very coarse grit metal bond diamond. We did many grinding grits to remove some of the grout and get under the sixty years of dirt.

This floor had great rocks. I love all the terrazzo floors, but this floor had a lot of big rocks. I am often asked, “Why would anyone cover this beautiful terrazzo floor?” In this case, I would wonder that especially. Such a great floor covered with nasty tile and dirty grout.

 When comparing Tile vs terrazzo restoration, terrazzo wins in a landslide. If you have terrazzo covered with tile, do not switch out the tile. Terrazzo is eighty five percent marble and other great stones. Why would you cover that with ceramic tile? If you have tile over a terrazzo floor, call today and we will check out your floor and set reasonable expectations on how great we can make your terrazzo floor look. You can also send me an email to [email protected]



Tile vs terrazzo restoration saltillo tile  Saltillo Tile on a terrazzo floor



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