Terrazzo Restoration Venice

“Terrazzo Restoration Venice,” is designed to show how Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration differs from other terrazzo restoration companies. It all started in Venice, Italy. Like it’s namesake, Venice, Florida has a lot of terrazzo flooring. From south Venice, to the island to central and north Venice, most all of the homes built in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s in Venice were built with terrazzo flooring. The pictures below are of recent terrazzo restorations done in Venice by Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration. Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration has restored dozens upon dozens of terrazzo floors in Venice, Florida. If you ask your friends you might hear Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration, as we have restored many, many terrazzo floors in and around Venice. The guys love staying at the Best Western Ambassador and eating at Brew Burgers. Over the last two years we have transformed our system to an all dry diamond grinding and polishing process, This system produces the shiniest, longest lasting, best looking floors ever. At Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration we only except the best looking terrazzo floor possible. For years we restored terrazzo using a buffer with weights. In early 2007 we bought our first four hundred pound planetary grinder. From the day we first used that grinder we never used a buffer to restore terrazzo again. We now own three four hundred pound HTC grinders to use on all of our terrazzo restoration jobs and we do all terrazzo floors using the best diamond polishing tools in the world. These diamonds are designed for terrazzo and marble dry grinding and polishing. We will always try and test new ways to make your terrazzo floor look the best they can possibly look. We do edges and toe kicks with a hand tool and go work to get the best shine in these areas as well.If you would like Safe Dry to check out your terrazzo floor for a free on site estimate, or have any questions about your terrazzo flooring you can call us or send us an email at [email protected]

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