Terrazzo Restoration North Port

This Terrazzo Restoration North Port page is intended to show some images from North Port we have done and talk about how SafeDry Terrazzo Restoration restores terrazzo. We find ourselves in North Port doing terrazzo restoration quite often. Nuzzled between Venice and Port Charlotte, North Port had a lot of construction in the years of Florida terrazzo installation. Terrazzo was installed as an overlay, on top of the concrete slab. We are often asked if a wall is torn out can you install terrazzo where the wall sat. Folks are happy to hear that terrazzo flooring is under all the interior walls, as well as all the cabinets.  Those areas can all be restored after demolition. There are few problems that might prevent one from restoring your terrazzo floor.

Get an expert out to see your terrazzo floor and let them give you their opinion. At SafeDry Terrazzo Restoration, we restore terrazzo using a four hundred pound planetary grinder. This allows to get down and remove more problems then any company that uses a buffer, or lighter machine. We have also transitioned to all dry grinding and polishing. We use dust collection systems to greatly reduce ambient dust. SafeDry Terrazzo Restoration used wet grinding and honing for many years. We would never switch to a dry system until one was developed that matched the shine of our wet system. Out present dry terrazzo restoration system outshine all others. Wet or dry. I hope you enjoyed Terrazzo Restoration North Port and if you have any question, or if you would like a free estimate, just give us a call. You can also shoot us an email to [email protected]

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