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Improperly Installed Tack Strip

The proper way to install tack strip in terrazzo is to first drill and then use aluminum nails. The most common damage done to the state of Florida’s terrazzo floors is chip hole damage from pulling nails from tack strip that was installed on terrazzo floors and...
Terrazzo Restoration 11/3-9/13

Terrazzo Restoration 11/3-9/13

Terrazzo Restoration 11/3-9/13 During this week, Safedry did terrazzo restorations in Venice, Fort Meyers and Inglewood. We had an opportunity to work on some beautiful, antique terrazzo flooring. No 2 terrazzo floors are identical. Every floor has it’s own...

Terrazzo Is the Hot Floor in Florida

    (833) 837-7299 SafeDry.com Terrazzo Is the Hot Floor In Florida Over the years I have many people tell me their real estate agent told them terrazzo floors are dated and people do not like them. For the last few years I have been telling people their...

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