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Terrazzo With Pad Damage




Over the years I have seen a lot of terrazzo with pad damage. Pad damage is caused by the padding used under carpeting. Years ago most of this padding was made from petroleum products. The darkening from pad damage can run from very difficult to impossible to completely remove.  Many customers think you can simply grind through it. Unfortunately this is not always the case. In order to know whether pad damage can be restored to a great looking floor you will need an in person inspection. It takes a trained eye to see the difference between terrazzo with pad damage that may cause problems and terrazzo with pad damage that can be removed.

Just because the floor looks bad does not mean it will not look great when it is restored. At SafeDry we use a four hundred pound planetary grinder to grind through a lot of the stain. We also use bleaching agents to help remove even more stain. We can restore most terrazzo with pad damage. Even if all the darkening is not removed most people love the floors. The terrazzo floor from these pictures looks bad. The pad had broken down and was stuck to the floor. As you can see, all of the darkening from the pad damage is gone.

The pictures show the floor after we had scrapped the whole floor to remove as much old pad as possible. We also treated the floor to pull out and bleach the stains. We started grinding with a very aggressive metal bond diamond to get down into the floor. After our twelve step process you can see the difference we made in the floor. If you have any questions, please give us a call. 






Terrazzo Pad Damage




After SafeDry Restoration



Terrazzo pad Damage Florida




Pad Damage Restoration


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