99% of the, in home, terrazzo flooring in Florida is over 50 years old. With those 50 year history there are many unknowns. Those unknowns lead to to a plethora of questions.

Was glue used for any vinyl or wood?
Was there oil based padding?
Are there any colored stains?
Are the rocks soft or hard?
Is there potential ghosting from tile?
If there is vinyl tile will there be a grid pattern?
Was there flooding in the past and if so:
Are there water stains in the floor?
Did the tack strip leave discoloration from being wet for an extended period of time?
Are there areas where walls have been taken out?
If so was there flooding that caused a color transfer from the wood?
Are there chip holes that need repaired and if so what rocks are in the floor.
Are those rocks still available today?
Is there a central alarm system that needs set to test?
Do we have enough electric capacity to run all of our equipment?

These are some, but not all of the things an initial estimate should encompass.

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